Monday, March 2, 2009

If you only knew how easy it was to kill a FISH!

What do you think is easier to keep alive....a 13 month old kid or some fish? Apparently we are better at keeping the kid alive!

We purchased a used 10 gallon fish tank from a co-worker and proudly put it in Zachary's room. He loves fish so we figured he would get a kick out of it. Well...after the first few days of just water in the tank it looked a bit problem add some "stuff" the teenager employees at Petsmart recommended. We then purchased three fish - they seemed to love there new home. The blue fish would always put on a show for us. Then the co-worker that we got the tank from gave us five more fish. We were stoked - all 8 fish got along great. A few days go by...the tank is looking even more cloudy, oh - one fish dead....good thing it was the cheapest fish. Another day goes buy...hmmmm...can't even see through the tank. We proceed to change out some of the water and suck the rocks with the fish tank cleaning tool...add some "special" chemicals that aren't suppose to harm the fish but just "relax" them.

The next morning Jen wakes up to find this:
Yes - that would be a yellow fish in a ziploc bag IN THE FRIDGE! Five of the fish died throughout the night. The yellow fish is Dustin's attempt to save the fish so we can return it to Petsmart - apparently you can get a refund up to 14 days of purchase (this tiny yellow fish cost us $7.50). At this point only two fish remain...wait..make that one fish...for some reason we can't find our blue fish...completely vanished. So ONE FISH remained! This strong fish lived for three more days...until this morning when Jen saw this:

And yes...the water still looks cloudy. So now we have killed seven fish and managed to have one go completely missing all in a weeks time. We are going to start over - and maybe see how long we can keep goldfish alive.

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Jeff and Rushell said...

Sounds to me like maybe you need a new filter? Maybe one or two algee eating sucker fish? Get that kids use to hearing a fish take at night when he sleeps so that he won't be able to sleep anywhere else without that noise. lol! Just kidding. Good luck!