Friday, August 10, 2012

Road Trip - Day #2

No 'major' driving was done today on our road trip.  We stuck around the Idaho Falls area to hang out with some family and go to Bear World.  Zach and Logan made themselves at home at Nick and Sarah's...first thing in the morning and they are hooked up with toys and TV.

Next stop was to see Dustin's Grandma Simmons.  She is 95 (?) years old and currently residing in an assisted living center in Idaho Falls.  She was so excited to see us - it had been over a year since we last saw her, and that was before she was moved to the assisted living facility.

Next up was Bear World!  We had visited this place before about three years ago, a few months before Logan was born.  Bear World is a drive thru wildlife park.  We let the kids get unbuckled from their car seats since we were only going 5 mph or less...and they had a better view of looking out their (rolled up) windows.  Logan was going crazy, he was pointing out any and all animals he would see.  Zach loved it too, but was more relaxed and 'cool' about it.

We saw LOTS of bears.  They were advertising they had over 45 bears in the wildlife area....and I think there were a lot more than that.  I took lots of pictures of here are my favorites.

Bear near Nick's Car

Bear taking a bath

Bear looking at lunch

Wet bear walking realllllllly close to our car

After you drive through the wildlife park, they have additional attractions to participate in.  So we got out of our car and did some exploring.

Baby bear cub exhibit...they were 'playing'...uh, yeah.

A moose!  A real life moose!

 Feeding the ducks

 Petting Zoo, yes that is Logan petting a very large PIG 

 Checking out some goats too

 Momma and baby deer

 This is our nephew Levi - he liked the baby deer too!

Zach getting in on the deer chasing action

Logan sitting down petting a see that?  He is SITTING DOWN!

 Levi loved touching the deer horn stubs...he kept doing it and laughing!

After all the fun chasing and petting animals, it was time to move on to the 'ride' portion of Bear World.  All this was included in the admission price.  Logan technically wasn't tall enough for some of them per their rules, but they didn't seem to be enforcing the rules today!

Roller coaster (this was the slowest roller coaster I have ever seen!)

 Flying cars (they LOVED it)

Bouncing tree

Choo Choo Train

At the end of the day we thought all three boys (Zach, Logan and Levi) needed to have some bear stuffed animals to take home with them to remember this trip.  Zach and Logan each picked out their own bear....and then together picked one out for Levi.

We finished the night off with some Mexican food - Idaho Falls knows how it is done!

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