Monday, August 13, 2012

Road Trip - Day #5

Today our drive consisted of going from North Yellowstone to Jackson, Wyoming.  We planned on spending all the day driving through Yellowstone Park.  The kids were excited to see 'animals'.   Our first stop was at some falls....

We had been driving for about an hour and we saw our first 'animal' was a chipmunk eating his lunch!

 The whole park was pretty....definitely more green in the northern part of Yellowstone.

Then we happened to see a group of people all pointing in one direct and when we looked, we say a Momma bear with two baby cubs!  Our pictures only captured one of the cubs....but still pretty sweet!

 As we drove to the southern part of Yellowstone, the road followed the river so there were plenty of water falls to see along the way.  We were so scared the kids would fall over the side!

Then came the most awesome part of the day.  We were driving down the road and Jen said, "I think there was a buffalo we just passed taking a nap...either that or a very big log".  So we turned the car around to take a peek.  Sure enough it was a buffalo taking a nap!  We were probably 100 yards away from him....we felt pretty cool.  More cars saw what we were doing so they also stopped by the side of the road and got out and took a peek of our lone lounging buffalo.

Then as we continued down the road the cars were all stopped.  We couldn't figure out why, until this buffalo walked right NEXT to our car!  It was on Zach's side of the car.  We rolled down his window so he could see the buffalo - as it walked by Zach said, "He is a nice buffalo!"

This part of the road apparently was buffalo city...they were EVERYWHERE!

Buffalo also have to chase their kids around too!

We made our way to the 'stinky pots' least that is what the kids called them. They like seeing the dirty, bubbly water.

This one had a buffalo next to it, they apparently like taking naps near them!

On our way out of South Yellowstone through the Tetons we stopped to take a break near this part of the river.  The boys liked walking through all was like a maze!

We stayed the night in Jackson.  Logan actually fell asleep again in the car right before we got to the hotel...but he ended up sleeping through out the entire night!  Wahoo!!!!!  Dustin and Zach made a late night run to the hotel pool :)

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