Saturday, August 11, 2012

Road Trip - Day #3

Today we drove from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Great Falls, Montana.  We all had our own ways of coping with the drive....

The drive was going pretty well until Logan let his fingers get smashed in the door at Taco Johns during our lunch stop.  We never physically made it inside to get food....we walked right back to the car.  Good thing we had a small ice chest...with ice in it...and Jen just happened to have packed large ziploc bags.  We had to chill in the car for about 15 minutes to let Logan clam down, give him some tylenol, and let the ice pack numb up his pain a bit.  Then we attempted to go back inside and eat.
After food in everyones tummy and another hour of driving, both kids were asleep in the car when we rolled into Great Falls.  We took advantage of the situation and used this time to have Dustin drive around town and take pictures of all the places he had memories of.  We drove around to see the house Dustin lived in when his family was in Montana...

We also had to check out his old high school stomping grounds...

Next it was time to meet up with Dustin's good friend Brandon Baker.  Brandon bought a flower shop in Great Falls awhile ago, and we were able to get the grand tour.  Now when I say flower shop, I should really say flower shop on crack.  This place was HUGE!  There were several large greenhouses that they grow their own plants during the year.  They also host a haunted house every Halloween.

Zach loved the walk in fridge where the fresh cut flowers were smelled so good!

After the flower shop tour, it was time to get ready for Brandon's wedding reception!  That was the reason behind this elaborate road trip of ours....we checked into our hotel (more info on that later)...and quickly learned that door locks could NOT hold Logan back.  He found ways to open them.

The reception was tonight and held in Brandon's sisters backyard...which also backed up to the river.  The view was beautiful and there was plenty of beautiful green grass, a trampoline, sand volleyball pit and a dance floor to keep the kids entertained.

They had some catered BBQ for Gray's LOVE BBQ!

Jen was worn out from wrangling kids....

Dustin was able to spend some time with his good friends from the high school days.  From left to right we have John Boller, Dustin, Brandon Baker and Paul Radcliff.

Logan took full advantage of Dustin's friends.....look at him snagging cake off Paul's plate!

Busting a move on the dance floor!  Zach was quite the Michael Jackson on the dance floor.

Logan decided he wanted to everything else BUT dance.  Here he is watching another kid get up on the bars...

It was quite a long day for us.  We stayed at the reception until after 9pm.  The kids will sleep good tonight!

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