Friday, August 31, 2012

Park City Weekend - Day#1

We decided to spent Labor Day weekend up in Park City this year at the Marriott Mountainside Resort.  We've stayed at this place before and loved it.  We took off work early today (Friday) and picked up a rental car.  Jen's parents were flying into town tomorrow and we decided we wanted to have one vehicle that everyone could fit in for our Park City weekend adventure.  We scored a pretty good deal on a Ford Expedition it is!

We only live about 45 minutes from Park City.  Lucky for us the fall colors had already started to bloom so it was an even more beautiful drive.  We checked in and got settled in our 1 bedroom villa.  You can tell your kids like the new digs when they start doing things like this....yes, Logan is laying in between the couch cushions.

Time to start exploring the place...we spent a good chunk of time at the kids activity center.  Huge bean bag chairs, movies and video games going, lots of toys to play with...

They even had an ice cream making activity that we were able to participate.  Zach and Logan were able to 'shake' and 'make' their own ice cream!

Now what kid (and parent) doesn't like that?

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