Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Golden Key

Today Zach achieved a major milestone at Challenger School.  He earned his Golden Key!

As a kindergartner the students at Challenger work all year to learn how to blend sounds, digraphs, irregular vowels, consonant blends, one and two vowel rules.  Basically by mastering all of that Zach can read ANY word.   It was a LOT of work, but Zach WANTED it!

Here is all the kids in his class that have earned their Golden Key so far...

The best part is Zach earned his Golden Key the day we were leaving to board a plane to meet up with family in California for our Hawaii trip!  Dustin went to pick Zach up from school at lunchtime on our way to the airport and his teachers,  kindergarten director and the office secrataries were all waiting and applauded Zach as he left.  Definitely a memorable moment!  Way to go he has the 'keys' to move to 1st grade!

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