Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hawaii - Day #1

Everyone was up early and really excited to start our adventure today by traveling to Hawaii!  All the kids had their own backpack and filled with what they wanted to entertain themselves during the 5 hour plane ride.  Our kids backpacks were almost as big as them!

The kids found our plane in the airport pretty quickly...

Aunt Renee had brought some games for the kids to play to help pass the time by before we boarded.

Once in the air, Dustin got this great shot of us leaving the Bay stop Hawaii!

Dad Twogood took advantage of the 5 hour flight with a nap!

Logan stayed glued to watching movies on his iPad (surprise)....

Are we their yet?

Oh, we almost are!  Check out the beautiful blue/green water with coral reefs below!

Ah THAT is what we came to Hawaii for!

Aloha in the airport!

We gathered up all our luggage for the 10 of us and picked up our rental cars (two minivans).  What is the first thing you do when you land for a 10 day vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii?  Hit up Costco!  We needed to get food and drinks for our condos.  It was also lunchtime and a Costco hot dog just sounded good!

Once we were re-energized and had our minivans full of food we headed to our resort - Hilton's Kings Land.  Our family was staying in a 1 bedroom are some pictures:

This was our neighbor out near our back patio...

At this point in the day we were getting exhausted.  Up early, long flight, 4 hour time difference from Utah...yeah it was a chill evening.  The kids enjoyed the pool, we cooked up some dinner and then relaxed.

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