Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Swim Lessons

We've had the kids in two sessions of swim lessons this winter.   Apparently not many parents think of having their kids in swim lessons when it is snowing outside...which means small class sizes!  The first session each of the boys were in a class of two kids total.  The second session Logan was in a class of 3 and Zach in a class of 5.  This was a big difference from the lessons they took last summer when it was totally packed!

Zach and Logan were born fishes.  The loved EVERY minute of there lessons and any minute of free swim time they got before there class they were being kids in the water.....

Zach progressed up to a level 3 - he just needs a summer of swimming in a pool.  Logan graduated up to a level 2 - he also just needs a summer of swimming in a pool!

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