Thursday, September 2, 2010

Corn corn and MORE corn!

We were given a huge bag full of fresh corn still on the cob. There was no way could eat all that corn in the next little bit so we decided to shuck it, cook it, cut it, bag it and freeze it for some food storage! While shucking the corn we found a little friend...

Yup! A very LARGE caterpillar. We were surprised that Zach actually wanted to touch it.....

Then he decided he needed to "keep" it. We put it in a bowl and he gave it some corn and some baby snacks that Logan eats.

Meanwhile we were busy getting that corn ready to bag. Just a quick few minutes in bowling water....
Then Glen used our electric knife to cut the corn off the cob.

Jen did the bagging. We ended up with about 20 sandwich sized bags of corn.

YUM! Free corn....a caterpillar...what more could you ask for?

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