Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spreading the word...

Our company has not really be impacted by the economic downturn....we are always busy, we are opening a new facility in Singapore...and the time has come to start spreading the word about IM Flash as we are HIRING!

Jen headed to RIT in Rochester, New York for a recruiting trip. RIT has a Microelectronics Engineering degree program that educates/trains students specifically in the semiconductor field. This was the first time IM Flash had ever shown representation at a career fair at RIT so we had LOTS to tell the students about! The recruiters wanted to make sure they had "real engineers" on hand to explain to the students about what we that is how Jen was able to get involved.

RIT held the career fair in the "field house". The place was HUGE:

I have to say I was quite impressed how organized the RIT staff was for this event. They had all the booths set up with our shipped boxes already at our tables. They had breakfast and lunch provided to us (dang good food too!). They had so many student volunteers walking around asking how they could of them even went and found a box of tissues for one of the ladies from our group! Here was our booth:

Our sweet "goodies" to give away. When I was in college these were the things you always looked out for as a FREE stuff. Surprisingly the students didn't really take them. The people that took most of the freebies were professors and other employers!!

Here was our team for the RIT trip, left to right - Robin (recruiter), me (engineer), Angie (engineer), Nikki (recruiter) and Chad (engineer) who was taking the photo.

Jen had a blast. Lots of interested students to talk to. We were even able to meet with the director of the Microelectronics Engineering department and he gave us a tour of the labs they had for the program. It brought back so many sweet memories of my college days. The trip was short....but I did make (and kill) a friend at my hotel room:
Nothing like a finding a spider as you are taking a shower.

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