Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Logan is 9 months old!

Yup - it is true....Logan is already NINE MONTHS OLD! Here were his check up stats:

Height = 29 inches = 75th percentile
Weight = 20 pounds 10 ounces = 50th percentile
Head = 45.5cm = 50th percentile

Logan is still quite the happy baby. He flashes his killer smile every chance he gets! His bright blue eyes catches all the ladies around him. He is quite the crawler. Has been for about three weeks now. He started with the army crawl, then the knee crawl and now he does the monkey crawl (on his hands and feet). He pulls himself up to whatever he wants and is barely starting to cruise the furniture. He is VERY active. We can hardly hold him because he wiggles so much and wants to just go explore. We moved his crib to the basement to force him to sleep through the night (we can't hear him cry out loud as much when he is in the basement) far so good. He is LOVING every bit of "real food" we give him. He still has NO TEETH.

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