Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marriott Mountainside - Day#3

We were very impressed at all the activities they had planned at this Marriott Resort. The kids center always had things to do and toys for the kids to play with. This morning we went down and Zach picked out a ceramic piggy bank to paint. He chose a robot!

While we were in Park City Zach kept pointing out the local buses and said he wanted to go for a ride. So after the kid activities at the resort we rode the bus to downtown Park City (5 minute ride) for a street fair festival. The first thing we spotted was an airbrush tattoo booth. Zach picked out a dinosaur stencil and picked the colors green and black. The artists were surprised at how calm Zach was.....I guess they didn't know it was probably his 20th temporary tattoo and he had done airbrush before.

Right after Zach's tattoo was finished - he turned to Jen's mom and said, "grandma - you get the snake". Grandma got a big smile on her face and let Zach pick the color of the snake tattoo - he chose Pink and Black.....

Turned out pretty sweet, eh? Zach was all giggles and smiles when he saw what it looked like when it was done. The tattoo artist liked it so much he even took a picture of how it turned out! We roamed the streets looking at all the different booths, grabbed some lunch and then decided it was time to head back as the kids were ready for naps.

Once everyone had a bit of a rest - the women headed to the outlets for a bit of shopping while the boys had a bit more fun. Dustin took Zach on the Alpine slide. Zach was SO EXCITED to go on the chair lift and then go on the slide....he was a passenger on the slide with Dustin.

Of course Logan was being all cute...

We finished off the day with dinner at our favorite place in the newer part of Park City....

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