Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday LOGAN!

This morning at 7:07AM Logan turned one year old! We no longer have a baby in this house....we have a TODDLER and a PRESCHOOLER. Logan was serenaded as he woke up this morning by Jen signing the 'Happy Birthday' song. He was then able to play with Zach and Grandma and Grandpa Twogood for a bit before we all headed out to get some formal portraits (earlier post). After pictures we all went out to lunch and on the drive back home Logan fell asleep for his nap.

In the evening we had Logan's party.

We decided to start with presents, when he was clean :) If you have been reading our blog for a while you know Zach's red cozy coupe car has become quite the commodity in our house. We decided Logan was getting his OWN CAR for this birthday - a black police car!

The boys loved driving around in each others car. We had to remind them there were more presents to open! Logan started opening the presents on his own...

....then Zach wanted to help.... the end all the presents were opened and the kids were begging for us to get them out of the packing material.

Since we did his cake smash photo shoot earlier in the morning we weren't quite sure if Logan would want more cake.....what do you think?

Yes - cake #2 devoured. Towards the end he was getting whiny and cranky. Turns out this one year old does have a sugar limit :) Next up - a warm bath to wash off all that CAKE!

Happy FIRST Birthday Logan! You are our happy, easy going kid with a killer smile! We love you!

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