Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa made his STOP!

I am not sure who was more excited for Christmas morning this year....the parents or the kids! Zach is old enough to understand what a wrapped present is and this is the first year he understands the concept of Santa. Logan surprisingly is interested wrapping paper and actually tries to tear it off....something Zach didn't do at one year of age. So who do you think woke up FIRST this Christmas morning? The parents! Zach slept in until 8:30am and Logan finally woke up about 9:15am.

Once Zach woke up we quickly showed him the present stash under the tree...and the present Santa left him by the fireplace...

Our Tree....
Zach's Santa gift - a huge remote controlled JEEP!

Then we decided to make breakfast. By this time Logan was awake with a full tummy and was super excited to see his Santa gift - a Lightning McQueen car!

Now Zach and Logan were really getting into it. They helped Dustin open our adult Santa gift - another PS3! I say another because we actually already have one.....Santa knew we were looking for another blu-ray player for upstairs...and being able to stream netflix was an added plus! I guess we were extra "good" this past year!

Then we made our way to the presents under the tree. We learned that with small kids you don't ever actually unwrap all your presents under the tree. The kids would open one gift and then want to get it out of the package to play with it...and could care less about the other ten left to unwrap. So we actually didn't open all our gifts on Christmas day...why force your kids to unwrap gifts when they don't want to?

The hit gifts for the day were the yellow submarine for Zach and the loving Elmo for Logan:

The rest of Christmas day was spent like this.....PERFECT!

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