Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday JEN!

Last night Dustin came home with some "things" to help celebrate Jen's birthday! First was two dozen rose for year since Jen's birth (hah hah hah!!)

Some balloons (okay so these are for more for the enjoyment of the kids...but Jen did love the kitty mylar!)
and lastly....something YUMMY from the Cheesecake Factory!

Both Dustin and Jen took the day of work. We all slept in, even the kids until 8:30am! Then we had breakfast got ready and then hit the road. The kids were still going to the babysitters so mom and dad could enjoy a day on the town. We had planned to finally go see the 7th Harry Potter movie but they changed the movie schedule on us today due to new movie releases and we had massages scheduled later in the afternoon so we couldn't see Harry Potter because it started too late and we would have missed our massage appointment. So the next best movie? Little Fockers! We actually enjoyed the movie...nothing better than sneaking in your own soda and candy bars to the movie theater. Then later we did enjoy those massages....Jen had a 1.5 hour hot stone massage. Next, time to pick up the kids and a take and bake pizza (Papa Murphy's Stuffed Chicago is Jen's favorite). We enjoyed the company of Grandpa Gray and his sister Sally and her husband Phil (they just returned from an LDS mission in Vermont) for dinner. Later in the evening, sadly after Logan had already fallen asleep, we busted out that Red Velvet Cheesecake!

...and opened some PRESENTS!

Happy Birthday JEN!

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