Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Family Photos

Who needs a highly paid professional photographer to take your family portraits when you have friends with a nice DSLR camera that know how to use it?!?!

Dustin has been DYING to get family portraits by train tracks in the Fall time for the past couple of was the day....we were actually doing it! We met up with our good friends the Krotosky's - they took our family pictures, then we took their family pictures. Here were some of our favorite shots.

This picture looks like were were cut and pasted in....not so! The lens actually sensed the light differences and made the image look like that! We love it...makes us look like we are glowing angels :)

We tried the walking on track tracks shot...but apparently it is not as easily done with two kids and two adults. This was the best we got...

And finally....the WINNER of them ALL! This is the one that will grace its presence on our fireplace mantle and will be our 2011 Christmas card. This is the un-edited version (we centered it more for the mantle).

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