Thursday, October 27, 2011

Preschool Halloween Parade

Zach's preschool class had a Halloween Parade and Sing-in today. Parents were invited to show up the last half hour of class for the presentation. Zach was super excited to show up in his pirate costume.

The kids paraded into the dance room in their costumes. You know there is always one kid that jumps out of the line and runs around and yells, "hi mom and dad"....Zach was that kid. He broke away from the parade line, ran over to us and gave us his pirate hat. Then he did his own little dance out on the floor....and finally decided to join back in the parade.

The kids all sad in their own red chair and sang us Halloween songs. We never knew there were so many Halloween songs out there!

Great job Zach! We are super proud of you.

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