Thursday, October 27, 2011

N. Cali Trip Day #1

Today was the big day....we all headed on a plane to visit Jen's hometown in Roseville, California for a few days. We normally fly into Sacramento, but scored a sweet deal on a direct flight to Reno (1.5 hour drive from Jen's parents house) - so we were Reno bound this afternoon. Mid week flights also rock when traveling with a lap child, because 9 times out of 10 the plane is half empty and your lap child gets his own row. Today was our lucky day!

Even though the flight was only a little over an hour, they boys still needed LOTS of activities to keep them entertained. The biggest hit was our portable DVD players - Zach would be perfectly fine watching a movie the entire flight, Logan on the other hand only sits still for the movie a few minutes at a time.

The next best thing we have found to a portable DVD player are sticker books. I can't say many stickers end up on the pages....but it is entertainment!

Jen's parents were waiting for us in Reno when we arrived. We began the 1.5 hour drive back to Roseville - finally the kids decided to take a quick nap. We got all settled in when we arrived, and then decided to head out for dinner. Jen's brother was going to meet up with us.....we didn't tell any of the kids they were going to see their cousins tonight! Boy were they all super surprised and excited to see one another. They all sat together at dinner and compared toys and ate pizza.

After dinner we all headed back to Jen's parents house to let the kids blow off some energy with their cousins and then we hit our beds. It was a long day!

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