Monday, October 31, 2011

N. Cali Trip Day #5

Today is HALLOWEEN! My kids have had a taste of what this day is all about....and they are ready to go GET MORE CANDY! To start the day out right....Dustin, Mike and Zach all headed to the movies to see "Puss in Boots" while Jen, Janice and Logan ran some errands. Then we all met back up for a quick lunch......then off to Janice's work for some trick or treating. Dustin had a surprise for the boys - he bought some foam pirate swords on and had them shipped to Jen's parents house...check out these two pirates!

At Janice's work our kids were able to find the bowls of candy "hiding" in the office area before the trick-or-treating began.

dum dum suckers....Logan's sugar of choice!

Now it was time to head back to Jen's parents home and carve our pumpkins. Zach and Logan took some interest of carving pumpkins at first...

But in the end it was Dustin doing the sole pumpkin carving...

We ended up using Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head pieces to decorate the rest of the pumpkins we had. The kids found that a bit more interesting at this point in the day (sugar high has worn off and no nap has been taken!).

Cousin Scott and London arrived and it was now dark outside...time to hit up the neighborhood for some trick-or-treating!

The kids ran house to house filling up their candy bags. After a few streets they were exhausted....but they didn't want to stop trick-or-treating. Good thing we brought Grandma's stroller with us! Nothing like getting pushed house to house to claim your candy!

Happy Halloween 2011!

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