Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese

Another day of spoiling for the kids! Today we took them to Chuck E. Cheese with Grandpa Gray. Since Zach had Monster Trucks on his mind....he immediately remember the Monster Truck ride at Chuck E. Cheese. This kid has a great memory because it has been almost a year since we have last been to Chuck E. Cheese, yet he still remembers this truck.

The kids were glued to the show characters....I couldn't even get them to smile at the camera.

We should have learned our lesson by now to just go to Chuck E. Cheese to play the games....the kids won't sit still long enough to eat the pizza. They are drawn into the game room with all the loud noises, other kids, and tickets coming out of the machine. Grandpa decided to teach Logan how to play skee-ball....

Logan figured out an easier way to get the balls up the ramp....

This seemed to be the theme for the rest of the Chuck E. Cheese creative Logan was getting on finding the easiest was to win the games!

We let the kids go wild until it was WAY PAST nap time and they got cranky and whiny. I think they both passed out in the car drive home. Later tonight both Dustin and Grandpa Gray took full advantage of the kids and tickled them until they said 'uncle'.

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