Monday, February 20, 2012

Professional Pictures

It was time! Time for the kids yearly portraits. We needed to have Zach's 4 year old pictures and Logan's 2 year old pictures done. We loved how the Santa pictures turned out from the studio 'FotoFly' - so we decided to give them a try for this full session. Little did we know they have a one month wait for an appointment! So this appointment was booked back at the middle of January. Today was Presidents day...daycare was we took full advantage of our family time...which started with professional pictures.

Jen got smart and booked the first session of the day at 9am - we didn't want to have kids melt down this time because they were tired for a nap or hungry for lunch. The kids really liked how the studio was set up and cooperated VERY well for the whole session. We actually now have TOO MANY great pictures to choose from! Here were some of our favorites...if you want to see all of them - click here.

First up - Family shots

Next up...the boys!

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