Saturday, February 25, 2012

Monster Truck Day

Not only did the kids enjoy the surprise from yesterday - we had another surprise in store for Zach today. We were able to get three of the Energy Solutions Center suite tickets from our work for the "Monster Jam" show. Dustin, Glen and Zach were going to the 2pm show. When Zach woke up we told him what the plans were for the day. He was bouncing off the walls ALL MORNING because he was so excited to go to a monster truck show. He wanted to get in the car at 8am and go to the show.

Grandpa Gray had brought another treat for the boys...he brought them each a monster truck! These monster trucks made noise and also moved on their own. While Jen made breakfast the boys were playing monster truck races on the table with Grandpa.

It wasn't much longer and Zach was again chomping at the bit to drive to the Monster Truck show. Dustin finally caved and they left so they could arrive at the location about one hour before the show started (when they opened the doors)....when they got there Zach was RUNNING to the door!

Look how in heaven this four year old was......going to a Monster Truck show with his dad and his Grandpa!

Now what is NOT to love about this?

Gravedigger was Zach's favorite.....

All three boys survived the show and came back with their hearing intact. Zach did inform us though that we needed to upgrade daddy's truck (the 4 runner) so it looked like a Monster Truck. Dustin got a sparkle in his eye hearing that!

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