Friday, February 24, 2012

Grandpa Gray rolls into town...

Today we had a surprise in store for the kids! Glen was coming to town for a few weeks (ThunderPig was getting prepped for a car show) and we didn't tell the kids. After work today we needed to take Zach to the hospital to have some blood drawn (allergy testing to see if that may be the cause of his ear infections). He obviously wasn't thrilled to be at the hospital - or get his blood drawn. We told him that we had a surprise for him when it was over. He kept asking over and over and over again what the surprise was. We finally told him he had a visitor and they were waiting for us at Del Taco. As soon as we pulled into the Del Taco parking lot Zach spotted Grandpa Gray's silver Accord and started screaming, "Grandpa Gray, Grandpa Gray!"

The kids both ran inside Del Taco as fast as they could. Glen was waiting for them inside with a gift - he had brought Zach and Logan their own matchbox car. We ordered our dinner and the kids both had to sit next to Grandpa Gray. I had a hard time getting the kids to sit still for a picture...and as a result - I got one with no smiles.

Even after we left Del Taco and headed home - the boys were both still glued to Grandpa Gray's side....

We will enjoy having Glen stay with us a few weeks....the boys have another person in the house to wrestle with!

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