Sunday, September 2, 2012

Park City Weekend - Day#3

Today was our chill day at the resort.  We bought some passes that allowed the kids to play non-stop at the 'kid zone' area, which consisted of a rock wall, a bouncy house tower, and some other spider web and rock figures to climb.  This area is perfect for our kids because they love to CLIMB!

Yes, that would be Logan climbing to the top of the web....

I was worried Logan and this other kid were going to go all 'Lion King' over who stays at the top of the rock statue!  Check out how serious their faces are.

Logan found another thing to master...

Zach has really be into these types of rock walls lately...look at him go!

Of course Logan can't just sit around and watch his brother having all the fun...he wanted to climb it too!

The kids took a break for a snack...all that hard work and they needed to be re-fueled!

Zach decided that it was time for him to try out the trampoline again....he was bound and determined to do those flips in the air!!

Oh yeah...Zach had it down now!  Flip after flip after flip!  Logan on the other hand found another source of income!

We decided to grab a late lunch....and then it was time to hit up the pool.  It was a nice day outside.

Now....who is ready for a NAP?!

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