Monday, September 3, 2012

Park City Weekend - Day#4

Today is Labor day!  We started the day off by heading to downtown park city by bus.  Here the boys are waiting patiently for the bus to show up...

Everyone is all smiles for the bus ride!

They were having a parade in downtown Park City.  It started off with something called "running of the balls".  There was a track built all the way down main street.  People can buy ping pong balls and put their name on it.  All the balls go into a big bucket at the top and all released at the same time.  They roll down Main street, and first one to the bottom wins a season ski pass!

Now it was parade time!!  Everyone patiently waiting on the side of the road...

We learned during the parade at Logan has a love for dogs....yup, dogs.  Every time he saw a dog ANYWHERE in Park City he yelled really loud and pointed to the dog.  He could care less about the people in the parade throwing candy to him...he loved the dogs.  Here is a picture of what we repeatably saw....

Logan announcing to the world he found a dog....

 Not just one dog...but a full DOG SLED!

We also found ThunderPig's cousin in the parade....he is green!

When the parade was over we took the bus back to our hotel.  Here was a cute picture of Jen's parents with the kids in the elevator....

In an attempt to have the kids take a nap, we decided to go for a drive.  We all loaded up in to the Expedition and let Dustin be our guide.  We drove through Heber...and the kids did fall asleep. The kids missed this deer running out in front of our car!

We stumbled upon this shake shack and decided to stop.  Funny thing about kids, if they are asleep and you mention ice cream...they wake right up!

When we got back to the hotel, Logan found this in the parking garage.....I think we have an adventurist on our hands!

After dinner we decided to go down to the fire pit by the pool and roast some marshmallows to make some yummy smore's.  Our kids have never had smore's before...I don't think they have ever roasted marshmallows either!  It was quite entertaining to watch them try and eat 'em.  I think they enjoyed the marshmallow roasting the most.

What a LONG day....we did a LOT!  So glad to have Grandma and Grandpa Twogood here to enjoy it with us!

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