Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Park City Weekend - Day#5

Today was suppose to start out with a hot air balloon ride for Dustin and Jen...but a hour before we were suppose to leave on our ride we got a phone call that there were some disturbances in the air high up that would prevent the balloons from going high it was cancelled.  A bit sad for us (we've been trying to use this hot air balloon groupon for about two years now) - but better to be safe than sorry.  We continued to sleep in and just chilled in the room until it was time to take Grandma and Grandpa back to the airport.

While Jen and Logan took Grandma and Grandpa to the airport, Dustin and Zach took advantage of the  mountainside activities.  They bought the all day unlimited pass, and since it was the day after a holiday...the place was EMPTY!  So no lines for any of the activities (which had NOT been the case for all days prior to this!).   Zach wasn't a super big fan of the Alpine slide, but did LOVE the coaster....

Of course he was the only one around to jump on the trampoline...Dustin said they just let him go as long as he wanted.

Here they are on the chair lift....

Mostly Dustin and Zach just rode the coaster.. Zach eventually took over the control of the brakes so they could go faster.  Dustin couldn't have been more proud.  :-)  These pictures were taken on the coaster. Its pretty funny to see the first ride vs. the last ride of the day!

When Jen and Logan got back from the airport...they decided to let Logan decide what they did.  So they hopped on the bus and headed back to Main street in Park City.  Logan had fun making friends with all the statues...and we stumbled upon an ice cream shop! :)

Once back at the hotel, Jen and Logan hit up the pool for a bit.  We were able to see Dustin and Zach on the chair lift once.

This was our last day in Park City.  We backed up all our stuff and rolled out of town about 7pm....back to reality.

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