Saturday, April 5, 2008

First stab at professional photos

Today we took Zachary to "Portrait Innovations" for his three month portraits. Jen had set up an appointment to make sure we wouldn't have to wait around for our photo shoot. Of course by the time we got to the studio Zach was tired and wanted to sleep. We did everything we could to keep him awake. Then about 50 snapshots later (about 30 minutes later) he decided he had finally had it. No more snapshots for him. We for sure thought we hadn't gotten anything worth purchasing - especially since we couldn't seem to get a smile out of him. Well, here are the results. We have posted the pictures we liked the best. The photo studio could zoom in, recenter photos and change the color as much as we wanted digitally before being printed. Yes - it only took 15 minutes to get these printed. These are the raw "un-touched" images:

Spring Shot

Probably the only picture we got with a smile

This is the new 10x13 photo on our fireplace mantle now - we had it printed in black and white and zoomed in so you don't see his diaper

These were SO ADORABLE - we couldn't decide which one we liked the best!

Our little ANGEL!!


Stephanie said...

I think the pictures turned out really really good. And you guys were worried because all the kid wanted to do was sleep. He looks so adorable!

Kelly said...

Those pictures are adorable!

Your blog looks nice too.

Craig said...

Too cute! I know how hard it is to pick your favorite because really they are all your favorites. We have the same problem!