Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tulip Festival

Jen has been wanting to see the Tulip Festival at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens for a few weeks now (they only have this festival for three weeks in April every year). Today was the last day the festival was going on, so we were very greatful that the weather cooperated! It was a clear blue sky day...a bit chilling, only 55 degrees with a breeze so we took advantage of it. Zachary started out asleep at the begining of our trip, but soon woke up and LOVED looking around at everything. He still "gasps" when the wind hits his face...but overall he was an excellent trooper. He was fast asleep by the time we got him back in his car seat to head home. I know Dustin wasn't too "excited" to go look at tulips...but he was impressed at how beautiful the gardens were and of course drooled over the HUGE man made rock waterfall, coy fish pond (that was more like a lake) and vendors selling stuff!


Kelly said...

Beautiful! I'm glad your boys cooperated with you, Jen.

Craig said...

Ah, man, I wish that we had gotten a chance to go. If only the darn weather had cooperated better. You got some really nice pictures!