Friday, April 11, 2008

Megerle visit

Rushell, Tyler and Dylan Megerle - our good friends in Austin, Texas came for a visit! These Texans battled our bitter cold weather to spend some good quality time with the Gray's. Tyler and Dylan were excited to see "snow" - we got two mini boughts of it while there were here. I loved how they showed up at our house in Texas longhorn shirts (I should have gotten a picture of that!) - apparently they made friends all along the way to Salt Lake (layover in Las Vegas)...even the Aggie fans let them know of their pride!

So what do you do with a almost 4 year old (Tyler), a 2 year old (Dylan) and a 3 month old (Zachary) when it is 40 degrees outside? Drive to Salt Lake City and enjoy the Childrens Museum! This place was pretty cool - I have never seen so many kids running around having fun. EVERYTHING was hands on interactive for the kids at this place. I was a bit releaved that Zachary just sits in his stroller or hangs out in the BJorn. Poor Rushell was running all over the place keeping up with Tyler and Dylan. Some snapshots:

Dylan doing some veggie "shopping"

Tyler riding a horse

Dylan pulling a chicken and some eggs

Jen and Zachary just hanging out

Now you might be thinking - what would a 3 month old do at a Children's Museum? Stare at all the kids of course! Zachary LOVED watching everyone. He has really started to smile and interact more with people - he tries to "talk" to the is so cute.

Also - we celebrated Rushell's birthday while she was here (it is next week)...the boys were VERY EXCITED we had cake. Having a cake in the house actually turned out be a good "bribing" tool for the kids during the rest of their stay!

Next trip Jeff needs to join the Megerle clan on the trek to Utah to see us! No excuses about having to "work"! We enjoyed having the Megerle's here and already miss them!

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