Saturday, April 26, 2008

The luck of DUSTIN

Okay - those of you that REALLY know Dustin know that he seems to have the best luck possible. If Dustin enters a contest, he wins it. Since we have been married he has won multiple free sodas (coke and dr. pepper), a star in space which is now proudly named "Jen Gray" and by far the best prize he has ever one was a 5 night stay in a villa on hole #1 of the Guavaberry golf resort in the Dominican Republic - the whole trip was completely paid for. So the real reason for ths post....Dustin received this letter in the mail a few days ago and he as yet AGAIN won something. This time a Dr. Pepper (which he proudly picked up at a gas station today) - they advertised 1 in 6 people win a free Dr. Pepper for this particular contest....I think they really mean to say....if your name is Dustin you automatically win, everyone else it is 1 in 6!!! Good job Dustin.....keep entering the contests for free vacations though......I could use some sun!

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Kelly said...

Lucky, Dustin. I remember when you went on that seemed like there had to be a catch, but I'm so glad there wasn't! How exciting. I'd take a free Dr. Pepper!