Thursday, April 17, 2008

Idaho trip - Day#1

We headed up to Idaho for the festivities invovled with Dustin's baby sister Sarah's wedding. This was the first real "road trip" for both Peyton and we were interested to see how this would go. We had so much stuff to take to Idaho (both for us and the wedding) we ended up driving both our vechiles. The 4 runner stuffed with strollers, pack-n-plays, coolers (to be used for the wedding flowers), serving platters, 17 gallons of punch for the reception and "man food" for Dustin and Craig - they were the drivers of the 4 runner. Jen and Lisa drove the Accord which had both kids in the back seat and 4 pieces of luggage in the trunk. We started the drive early Thursday morning - 1 hour into the 4 hour trip the car starts to stink - we concluded that Peyton had a dirty diaper. So we stop in Ogden at a McDonalds and let Lisa do her business with Peyton. Well, it turns out it was the WORST DIAPER BLOWOUT IN PEYTON'S HISTORY and the McDonalds didn't have a changing table and Lisa ran out of wipes trying to clean up Peyton! So 1 hour into the drive we have already changed Peyton completely. The next couple of hours went really well. Both Zachary and Peyton slept, and we made it all the way to Pocatello (3 hours into the 4 hour trek) and stopped to feed Zachary and decided that we all wanted some lunch. Then one more hour to Idaho Falls. Jen and Lisa were impressed how that road trip went - we had survied (minus one outfit).

Thursday night Dustin and all the his brothers and father decided to take Nick out for a bachelor party...what better way to be men than to play laser tag, arcade games and mini golf! Of course this was a test to see how Nick survived laser tag as both Dustin and his dad had "Expert Sharpshooter" status with their military training!

Left to right: Nick, Jaren, Eric, Craig, Glen, & Dustin

So as the boys were playing - the girls were having a bridal shower for Sarah. Lots of kitchen gadgets and lingerie were received.

Sarah - excited for the wedding the next day

So after all the festivities it was time to crash at our hotel. We knew tomorrow was going to be even busier with the wedding and reception.

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Kelly said...

So much fun. I loved seeing all the men together. Sarah looks awesome. It sounds like everything went really well.