Friday, April 18, 2008

Idaho Trip - Day#2


Today was Nick and Sarah's big day! We all made the 30 minute trek from Idaho Falls to Rexburg for the sealing. It was really windy and the skies were very grey...but not a drop of rain came down! The Rexburg temple was recently dedicated and the sealing room that was used is acutally the biggest in the entire church! I don't think there was an empty seat in that room....all the family on the Harris side and the Gray side was excited to witness this event. Sarah looked absolutely gorgeous...she actually wore the same wedding dress her sister Lisa used 8 years earlier! Here are some snapshots taken after the ceremony:

Zachary sleeping at the Temple!

Our family at the Rexburg Temple

Dustin and his baby sister Sarah

The reception was that evening back in Idaho Falls - get this at a FLOWER SHOP! This huge flower shop rents the place out for receptions! How perfect is that? The place was a good size and completely decked out in beautiful flowers that Sarah had picked out herself! It was great to see all the Gray family - especially the ones that live in Idaho that Jen has never met (uncle John, uncle Rodney). Jen also got to see Grandma Simmons home in Rigby. We have too many pictures from this trip to post on blogger - so check out our smugmug site for tons more.

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Kelly said...

How exciting. Sarah and Nick look like a sweet couple. What a gorgeous bouquet! I think that sounds like the best place for a reception. I can't wait to see all your other pictures.