Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July weekend....

We welcomed Glen, Jaren, Eric and Korbin to our house this 4th of July! They all made the trek from Colorado to our home in Lehi. We had quite the "little" party at our house on the 4th - approximately 25 people showed up (Dustin's aunts/uncles/cousins that live in the area). We had the traditional 4th of July barbeque going on with a slight twist.....a few blue cheese hamburgers and pulled pork sandwiches (compliments of the Krotosky's)...and of course HOMEMADE ROOTBEER! The fireworks show was AWESOME! We shot off our own stuff for about an hour and a half, then watched the Thanksgiving Point fireworks show (we can see it perfectly from our driveway) for another half hour.


Rushell said...

Good to see you found new friends I was at the top of the hill and no friends around. Lost on the 4th your friends in Texas

Kelly said...

It's got to be genetic...Kelly loves this holiday too, and loves the fireworks.