Tuesday, July 22, 2008

6 month checkup

Today was Zachary's 6 month checkup. Our appointment was at 4pm...and but time the doctor physically saw us it was 4:45pm! Jen was a bit frustrated, Dustin enjoyed playing with Zach the whole time. Zachary has learned to become more vocal...he now can scream at the top of his lungs. He enjoyed doing this the whole time we were waiting for the doctor to come in....that will teach them ;)

Zach is growing like a champ! Here are his stats:
  • Length = 27.5 inches = 75%
  • Weight = 19lbs 6oz = 75%
  • Head Circ = 44.7cm = 75%

So this visit he was an all 75th percentile boy! The 6 month check up also involves shots. Zach was a trooper, he cried during the shots but stopped after it was all done. Poor kid - they give him shots in both his thighs, and the nurse that administered the shots poked him some way that it made him bleed and wasn't stopping right away...she had to hold some pressure for a few seconds (while Zach is screaming to be held). But a few hours later he is just like new - who knows...maybe it is the Tylenol that is helping!

Oh - one of the development questions the nurse asked us made both Dustin and I look at each other with confusion/concern. The nurse asked "does he respond to his name" - he doesn't. But then again we don't always call him Zach or Zachary...we use a bunch of different nicknames - bubba, boobaa, punklee, stinker, baby - so time to start calling our kid by his real name!

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