Sunday, July 20, 2008

A day in the canyon

We spent some time this weekend in the American Fork Canyon. Since today was Nick's birthday it seemed like the perfect excuse to get away for a bit adn enjoy the outdoors. First we stopped just outside the resevior at the mouth of the American Fork River to see if we could catch some fish (we were told by the Cabela's fish department guy that was a good place to go to catch trout). Well 10 minutes into fishing Dustin's fly fishing pole decided to snap. Funny thing is he wasn't doing anything crazy...the top 5 inches just decided to come off! Good thing there is a lifetime warrenty on his two year old is getting replaced for FREE!

Zachary decided to wear Dustin's hat! Doesn't he look cute? He loved watching the water from the river rush by!

Not so happy Dustin....broken pole!

30 minutes later we continued our drive up to Silver Lake Flats. It is a pretty good size lake...we could actually SEE the trout coming up to our hooks. Sarah had a few fish actually eat the worm off her hook, but not the hook itself. This happened not only once, BUT TWICE! Smart fish - I guess that is still why they are alive! After a few hours of having the trout laugh in our face (they were actually jumping out of the water everywhere, but never wanted our hooks) we decided to call it a day and head back to the house.

Silver Lake Flats

Zach being cute

Checking out the water

Sarah and Nick doing their best to catch the trout
Dustin fly fishing

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