Saturday, July 19, 2008

More on the fishies!

So we get quite the hook up having Nick work at Cabela's here in Lehi. So you know how Cabela's has those huge fish tanks (bass and trout) and they feed them daily for the public to watch...well, we actually got to go to the top of the tanks and FEED THE BASS! Cabela's actually lets employees bring their families ocassionally to help feed the fish. They even have field trips for school age kids to come in and feed the fish. So today was our lucky day!!!

You have to climb ladders to get up on top of the tanks - kind of tricky with a 6 month old!

They have quite the set up for these fish!

This was our favorite picture. They feed the bass actual goldfish - so we scooped them out of the bucket and threw them into the tank. We had Zachary "touch" a goldfish and this was the face we got!

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