Friday, July 11, 2008

Southern California - McIlwain gathering

We had a great time on our trip to southern California to see some of Jen's extended family. We left Friday morning (flying of course) and met up with Jen's parents and nephew Scott at the LAX airport. Then cramed four adults and two children into a 8 passenger vechile - I think the longest just to get the toddler car seat installed for Scott. We fit with our luggage and stollers in tow. Of course our rental car was parked right next to a Audi TT convertible...while the boys were loading up the SUV the girls were drooling over the convertible - suggesting we rent it as well...then two old people show up and drive off it in. I should have taken pictures of it!

Now off to Corona to meet up with Jen's Aunt, Uncle and cousins on the McIlwain side of the family - we realized it had been almost 10 years since all of us had been together...way too long! We gathered at Tiffany and Mike's casa. Mike and Dustin ARE EXACTLY THE SAME! When we walked in the house the first thing Dustin drooled over was the arcade game:

When Mike got home from work he gave everyone the "sound test" in his theater room. Then the boys proceded to play "rock band". We had never seen this before...much like Guitar Hero except you have a guitar, drums, and microphone - so perfect for a group of people to pretend to be a "Rock Band":

Jen has been informed that when the new version of "Rock Band" comes out for the PS3 (September?) Dustin will be purchasing it.

We had a wonderful time visiting with all the McIlwain clan - here is a snapshot of all of us (sans Mike who is taking the picture)...I had to include the funny face shot in the blog!

Janice, Uncle Lynn and Aunt Sue

Here are some other snapshots from the day:

Zach looking in the M&M

Grandpa Twogood with his two grandsons - Scott and Zachary

Zach enjoying his 1st bath in a "real" bathtub

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Kelly said...

It's nice to see that adding a kid to the family hasn't slowed you down!