Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All boy

Zach LOVES his tractors and cars. Of course he got TONS of them for Christmas this year ;) He has been having fun hauling ALL of them throughout the house the past week. His favorite place to play with them is at the top of our stairs. Of course mom and dad don't exactly like him hanging out at the stairs....but this doesn't stop Zach! So if you are headed to our house some time soon - be sure to look before you step down our stairs!


Jen M said...

what a cute little man with all his trucks. my kids still like to play with there toys on our stairs. sometimes it's not always a fun thing.

Craig said...

Peyton saw this picture and he said "hey thats my tractor!" He has the same big yellow loader! I had to convince him that those were Zach's tractors.