Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gingerbread house

We decided to do a gingerbread house this year - after Christmas. With everyone that was going to be in town after Logan was born we figured it would be a great activity for everyone to enjoy. We even got the gingerbread house kit 50% off as we bought it the day after Christmas. Of course - it was the day before Jen's parents were leaving town that we ended up actually decorating the gingerbread house.....I guess we can say this is our last piece of "Christmas" for 2009 (even though it is 2010!). Zach had a blast helping "decorate" the house...and of course eat all the candy pieces. I think we was on such a sugar high all he wanted to do was sleep later on!!

And the next day this is what Zach wanted to do with the house (can you blame the kid?)....
I think this will be a tradition we do every Christmas season!

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The Odom Family said...

Just found your blog! Your boys are both adorable. And I had to laugh because we too did our gingerbread house after Christmas!