Monday, January 4, 2010

Double - AGAIN?!

Remember the events of our lives at Thanksgiving time? Zach with a febrile seizure and double ear infections? Well.....

A visit to the pediatrician today revealed Zach has yet ANOTHER double EAR INFECTION. No joke. He was rather cranky this past weekend and had a runny nose since Friday. He would stick his finger in his ear every once in a while, but never make it seem like they hurt. No fevers. How can you have a DOUBLE EAR INFECTION and it not be obvious? We are baffled.

This makes 6 trips to the pediatrician in the past year that confirmed ear infections. Somehow our pediatrician thinks this is "normal"......we may be getting a second opinion.

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Craig said...

Dang! I had once heard that there is a certain number that is "normal", (of course I can't remember this #). I think he has had his fair share.

My friend has a little boy that is a few weeks younger than Zach and he was having a ton of ear infections too. They finally took him to a ENT specialist and they put tubes in his ears. That kid hardly even slowed down after surgery!

He wasn't talking much before, now his mom says he learns about 5 words a day. The doctor said with all the fluid in his ears, he had a hard time hearing the words well enough when he was talking that he didn't know that he wasn't being understood. Makes sense to me.

Anyways, I hope Zach feels better soon.