Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Enough about the kids....

It is no surprise that Jen does the blogging....right?

I was looking back at the last several posts made and it is all about our kids ;) I guess there is nothing wrong with that....but....there are four people in this family not just two. So this post is dedicated to Dustin and Jen.

Jen - recovering nicely from the C-section. This one was a lot less painful after the surgery compared to the C-section with Zachary two years ago. Her doctor says it is because some of the nerves never fully regenerated after the first c-section, so Jen doesn't feel pain from those nerves with the second C-section. She actually was up and walking around the same day she had Logan....she probably pushed it a bit too far too soon as she did black out in the hospital during day #2 after having Logan (Jen blames the black out on the liquid diet they had her on - the nurses were quick to get her REAL food after the blackout...and no issues since!). Jen hasn't really needed any pain pills since leaving the hospital. The only annoyance right now is headaches - they seem to get worse with the less sleep she gets. So we are trying to drink lots more water - sever ties with Diet Pepsi and take advantage of Massage Envy.

Dustin - what a stud. I can't say I know too many husbands that help out like Dustin does. Once Zach goes to bed, he watches Logan every night until at least midnight so Jen can get 3-4 hours of continuous sleep. On weekends he even gives Jen Friday and Saturday nights off of Logan duty for more continuous sleep. Dustin cooks dinner more than Jen does. Dustin plays with Zach the way he loves it (must be a guy thing). He is the ultimate handyman and spends what ever "free" time he gets to work on that 1958 Chevy truck restoration with his father.

I could go on and on...but I am tired...and am going to bed! I will try and sprinkle more "non-kid" updates in the mix moving forward (for my own sanity sake).

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