Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cocoa Bean Cupcakes

Dustin's sister Sarah introduced us to this place in Rexburg, Idaho called the "Cocoa Bean". It is a cupcake cafe. They sell all sorts of drinks - kind of a like a Starbucks but with chocolate instead of coffee. They also see these AWESOME gourmet cupcakes. How can you resist something that looks (and tastes) as good as this?

Jen was surfing the web and found the Cocoa Bean blog and learned they opened a store in Provo, Utah (22.8 miles from my house according to google maps) at the beginning of 2010. WAHOO! For all of you that live in Utah and read our HAVE to try the Cocoa Bean. That is what we did tonight! Jen bribed Dustin with Bombay House Indian food for dinner - and we stopped at the Cocoa Bean for cupcakes on the way home.

Look what we are munching on for the rest of the weekend:

The favors Jen picked starting on the top row, left to right are - Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Madagascar Vanilla Vanilla, Hostess With The Mostess. Bottom row, left to right - Grasshopper, Better Than Whatever (this one is the BEST of them all!!), Pumpkin Chocolate Chip.

Soooooooo worth the 22.8 mile drive ;)


jen madsen said...

Wow.. Those cupcakes look awesome!

Anonymous said...

mmm...can't wait to sample next time we are in town. Maybe these will replace my pink cookie cravings...are they less calories????- Mom

Susan P said...

Do they ship across state lines?!?! :-)