Sunday, February 14, 2010

4-Runner hits 100K and makes Zach sick to the stomach :(

Today Dustin, Glen, and Zach took a road trip to Horvath Hotrods in Spanish Fork UT to drop off the old chassis. The old chassis is no longer needed because Glen's '58 Chevy Pickup that Dustin and his Dad have been working on since last summer now has a brand new modern chassis custom built for the truck. You can see pictures of their project here: 1958 Chevy Thunderpig Restoration

On the way back from dropping off the chassis I realized we were about to hit 100K miles on the 4-runner (Not bad for a 10 year old Toyota!) so I grabbed the camera and took a quick picture as the odometer hit 100k.. My Dad (obviously un-nerved at seeing me taking pictures of the dashboard while going 65mph) said, "Why don't you pull over and I'll take a picture of you pointing at the odometer reading?" I said back to him, "nah its no big deal, I just figured Jen would like a picture for her scrapbook".

Not even a second after I said that we heard "BLAAAAAAHHHHHH... cough cough.. BLAAAAAAH".. Yep, you guessed it.. Zach threw up all over himself and the back seat. I guess there IS a limit to how much McDonalds Orange soda a kid can drink on a trip.. Needless to say.. Dad got his wish, I pulled right over, we cleaned up Zach and Dad took a picture of me next to the odometer which still said 100,000 miles! Pretty memorable moment I'd say! :-)

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