Saturday, February 13, 2010

Monster Jam = Big Smiles for boys! :-D

Dustin took his Dad and Zach out for a "Cool Dudes Day" on Saturday.. Their choice of activities? Monster trucks at the Energy Solutions Center! :-) Dustin was able to get tickets from work so they could watch the action from the company suite.. Zach absolutely loved it.. He had plenty of space to run around and play with his cars and while not missing a single truck jumping over a stack of cars, or a tractor moving dirt around.. We even got to see Motorcycles doing high jumps! Whats not to love? Yes, the boys had a blast.

Here are a few of the Monster trucks we got to see during Monster Jam 2o1o.. The green one was Zach's favorite.. Grave Digger! He even has a small one of his own that he hauls around the house with him.

Is that not the cutest smile? He was so happy to see and hear everything around him.


Here is one of many Motocross jumps from the show.. These guys were crazy!

Sweet jump! We saw plenty of monster trucks jumping these cars.. What a blast

It was pretty common to hear Zach go "Whoa!!" or "Tractor!!" throughout the show.. This picture made me laugh though.. I caught Zach saying "Woah" and almost losing his candy in his mouth.. way funny.

And you wonder why he said "Woah"? Poor Grave Digger flipped over on his last jump of the night! But you can see the driver to the bottom right of the picture waving.. Just another day at work! LOL!

We'll be back again next year! Who can resist a good monster truck show!

As we were walking out, Grandpa and Zach spotted this Maverick Big Rig.. Zach had to see it up close.. it was a sweet truck!

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