Monday, February 1, 2010

February goals...

Here is a conversation that occurred earlier this week:

Jen - I want to stop drinking soda for the month of February. We should also probably stop eating pizza since it hurts your stomach.

Dustin - I want us to work out.

Jen - Okay, lets do it.

So on Friday night we decided to get pizza from one of our favorite places "The Pie". We ate pizza Friday night, leftovers Saturday for breakfast and leftovers Sunday for lunch. We also polished off the rest of the Diet Pepsi in the house.

Day #1 of the month of February - no pizza and no diet pepsi.....Dustin went to the gym at lunchtime and Jen has a massive headache from caffeine withdrawal!


Jen M said...

same here jen.My husband and i are both working on eating better and exercising more. my big vice is dr. pepper.

Eduard and Shirley said...

We're sure you can do it. Just like what the ad says 'Just do it'. Good luck!