Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mmmm! Pop Rocks!!!

Dustin likes to spoil Zach.. Tonight was no different than any other.. except for the fact that there were POP ROCKS involved!!! :)

Zach had never seen this kind of candy before.. (but most of you probably have!)

In fact.. some of you are probably already thinking back to that time in grade school hanging out with your friends drinking soda and downing entire packages of pop rocks! Right? Ok.. well at least that's what Dustin was thinking about tonight when he pulled the package out of the cabinet. Pop Rocks = Fun!

When Dustin threw in the first spoonful, Zach heard **Pop!**Pop!**Pop! and his eyes got huge! He started to giggle.. and lunged for the spoon.. After that I'm sure you know how things went down..

Dustin and Zach were laughing like crazy and making crackling noises in eachothers ears.. Pretty fun.

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jen madsen said...

Fun! Now I really want some pop rocks!