Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cool dudes to the POOL

Today was the PERFECT Sunday afternoon to hit up our neighborhood pool. The pool is normally least crowded on Sundays (Mormons don't swim on Sundays?) we had the pool all to OURSELVES! The kids were excited to go to the pool.....even little Logan knows what is going on when his swim trunks get put on. We packed ourselves up and took the wagon down to the pool. This was Logan's first wagon ride - he acted like a PRO!

Both kids (and adults) had fun splashing around, jumping in and squirting water out of the foam noodles.

Afterwards when we went home and the kids had baths. They were playing together (which hasn't happened that often so far). We got them out of the tub and they were still being silly when we were getting them dressed.....Logan was eating Zach's face and Zach liked it!

Summer is coming to an end too fast....only three more weeks of our neighborhood pool being open :(

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Kelly said...

Those boys sure are cool! Your family is darling.