Friday, August 27, 2010

While the parents are away the kids PLAY!

We were able to take a couple days and get away from our kids and go on an “adult” vacation.....something that allowed us to sleep in, order room service, lounge at the pool, each fancy food we didn’t have to cook and not change a SINGLE POOPY DIAPER! The kids aunt Sarah graciously volunteered to watch the kids for us. Grandpa Gray was also still in town so our kids got spoiled having two people to play with!

I was able to get some pictures from Sarah’s camera on the fun they had.....Zach kept talking about McDonald’s and the Farm......Of course Zach picked the time Mom and Dad were gone to ride the ponies at the Farm all by HIMSELF! Logan also rode the ponies for the FIRST TIME! Looks like he is telling that pony who is boss!

Thanks again Sarah and Glen....the kids had a blast (as you can tell from THIS picture!)

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