Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today was Zach's FIRST DAY OF PRESCHOOL!! They opened up a new place right by our work that has a 2 year old preschool class. They only meet for two hours one day a week....but that is probably just right for this age. Zach was super excited to go to preschool...he talks about it all the time! Some snapshots of our day....

hamming up before leaving to go to preschool

excited in the car -- notice his preschool bag?!

Avondale Academy....

Walking in...

Lining up to go into class

Zach is in the "little moonbeams" classroom

The beautiful drawing he came home with today!

Zach actually cried when we left preschool today. He was having too much fun playing with the toy cars!


Kelly said...

That's so cool. He looks great.

jen madsen said...

cute! love his big cheesy smile. yeah for zach. He looks so excited for preschool. I've actually seen that building a few times. Though have never been inside. It looks really nice.