Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vegas Vacation!

Yup - like I mentioned in the last post...KID FREE VACATION!!! Two nights in Las Vegas. We got a sweet deal at a room at MGM Grand....and cheap airfare....and were able to go with our friends the Krotosky’s and Jen’s hairdresser Becca and boyfriend Matt.

We intentionally didn’t plan anything to do on the trip...we just wanted to relax and get more than 4 hours of continuous SLEEP! MGM Grand has a sweet pool setup - 4 pools and a lazy river. We spent several hours for THREE DAYS at the pool. Our second day even included some “panic” entertainment. They had a chemical leak and basically evacuated 1500 people out the entire pool area. Everyone was getting mad and yelling at lifeguards because they had to leave (it probably didn’t help most people had consumed some level of alcohol)....and didn’t know what was going on. Then Jen saw people on the ground being administered pure oxygen. The former lifeguard job was enough to know it was serious and we needed to get out of there as soon as possible. We read a news article later that night about what happened - valve failure and a chemical leak (ironically in the lazy river we were spending all our time in) - 26 people sent to the hospital and 100 treated with oxygen on site. That was about all the drama we had on the trip.

The first night in Las Vegas we saw the Cirque de Solil at MGM - Ka. Very cool. We highly recommend it! Our second/last night in Las Vegas we got all dressed up and headed out to CraftSteak for dinner. Wow - oh wow. The BEST steak dinner ever....the most expensive steak dinner ever...but VERY GOOD FOOD.

Ironically we really didn’t gamble. We had about 1.5 hours to kill before we headed the airport and walked over to the Tropicana. The boys hit up $5 blackjack and the ladies hit up the slots. Jen SCORED on a quarter slot. First machine $20 in and $55 out. She cashed it in and then went back and sat down at the slot next to the one she made the original money on. $20 in and got up to $85, but kept playing down to $60 and walked away. So that meant we walked away from Las Vegas AHEAD in gambling! Wahooo!

Here is a picture of our Jen’s prom pose?

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